Everything in this world, whether it be what is around us or what we see with our eyes, involves light. Light is one of the most important things in human existence, and sometimes it is looked past, or taken for granted. This series of books is to remind humans that light is important when it comes to color, emotion, metaphors, and interactions that we see. My mission was to explore four different aspects or perspectives that involve light: Color, Interaction, Emotion, and Metaphor.

Light As Color


Light As Color analyzes the way light interacts with color through projections and patterns. Two projectors were set up on both sides of a room, projecting a variety of different patterns. Different colored gels were placed over each projector, so that the projections would overlap. Each pattern explores the the way that colors mix through light, and what shapes would be created based off of the different color separations. This project explores the ways in which we see color, and how our eyes react to layers of different color. Without light, color would not exist.  


Light As Emotion

Light as Emotion explores the science and psychology behind light, and how the colors and temperature influence emotion and feeling. This aspect is conveyed through facts, interviews, and examples from the film "Ida." Light as Emotion is risograph printed using fluorescent pink and medium blue, two very contrasting colors, almost referencing the emotions happy and sad. The risograph allowed me to play with overlap and transparency, something that cannot be done on a laser printer. It also created a fun challenge with the limited color palette, as I wanted to see how far I was able to push the concept, allowing the risograph technique to influence my design. 

Light As Interaction


Light as Interaction explores the role that light plays in interacting with everyday objects, creating reflections, shapes, and shadows beside or within the objects. I photographed objects ranging from mirrors to metal, ceramic, plastic, glass, and water. All photos were taken in black and white to reduce the image to just the lighting, not getting distracted by any of the colors. The black and white images are juxtaposed with risograph prints of images I reduced to only two colors, black and white, so that you can only see the dark and the light interactions. The risograph color I used is bubblegum pink. I experimented with using several different types of papers in this book, to see how  the images interact with the color of the paper, and  how the texture and color brings out the light and darks in the images.

Light as Metaphor


Light as Metaphor explores the different metaphors that we use in everyday life that involve light in one way or another. I chose to make this book out of fabric with embroidered content and found fabrics to demonstrate how loosely we use these terms, and how we "weave" them into our vocabulary. 


The Compilation

The Compilation is all four light books combined. The challenge was to compile them into a 100 page book that remains cohesive. The gif pictured above is a sneak peak of each section.