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3D book

This book is the turning point in the narrative that is my thesis. I take the meaning of red and blue to another dimension, literally and figuratively. Not only is this book in 3D, but it exposes the viewer to another side of red and blue. The reader will literally be looking through a filter made up of red and blue, while looking at images that make up what red and blue mean to me. They will be using red and blue as a tool to look at something that may not look red and blue, but which evoke a sense of red and blue to me. Now that I have all these objects and materials that are physically and digitally red and blue (red and blue archive), I will be filtering my life (things that are not these colors) through a red/blue lens.
3d book sketch.tiff
Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 8.41.46 PM.png
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