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what it is: initial mock-ups of a streetwear collection for a start-up brand called Winter Eyes™

a closer look: the concept behind this collection is that each image up close looks like just pixels. As you move further away and view from a distance, you see a complete image. This treatment was applied to every image you see.

shirts ALL options 2-04.jpg
shirts ALL options 2-02.jpg
shirts ALL options 2-03.jpg
shirts ALL options 2-01.jpg

see below for full collection

shirts ALL options 2-06.jpg
shirts ALL options 2-05.jpg

pops of color were used on the neck tags on the inside of the clothing. the same colors were then integrated into the logo on the baseball caps and bucket hats.


2 logo variations were created, one to use for the first clothing drop, one for next season's drop.

Packaging for enamel pins as well as the informational card that will accompany the packaging.

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