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This gif set is an ad campaign concept for Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. The assignment was to create something for a company based off of one word: sustainability. This set is a collaboration with Alexa Finkelstein and Michelle London. We chose to not let the gifs scream Mrs. Meyers, but we kept their product color palette intact and chose to focus on the environment through their products. The top left (by Bailey Kirshner) conveys the natural ingredients used in their hand soap: flowers, from Mrs. Meyers garden. The top middle (by Bailey Kirshner) represents their laundry detergent. The top right (by Michelle London) represents Mrs. Meyers taking from the environment, and giving back to it. The bottom left (by Alexa Finkelstein) represents their dish soap, and how the ingredients used does not harm our planet. The bottom middle (by Bailey Kirshner) represents Meyer's multipurpose cleaner, and how their products and the production of them has no carbon footprint. The bottom right (by Alexa Finkelstein) represents their candle line, and this is illustrated through a flickering leaf in the wind.

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