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why red and blue?

One day I was drawing in class and only had a red and blue pen with me. I was forced to draw everything with these two colors, even things that aren’t traditionally red or blue. This created an obsession. I was fascinated with the way these drawings of various subject matter looked with just these two colors. From that point forward, I decided I was only going to draw with red and blue, and to use them in as many ways as possible. Through doing this, I developed strong associations with, and a sense for, these two colors. I could pick a person, an object, or a place and decide which one felt more red and which felt more blue. I then took this a step further after noticing the various hues these colors can be perceived to be based on the medium used. I also noticed a great limitation with the two colors based on the different media, usually more so with red than with blue. I decided that this topic needed to be explored further...
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